Seriouskitchen – The Whispering Road

The Whispering RoadTitle: Seriouskitchen – The Whispering Road
Location: Chinley Community Centre
Start Time: 20:00 (doors 19:30)
Date: 25 April 2015
Tickets: Available from Chinley stores,, on the door
Artist website:

A show of two halves by a talented folk group who happen to contain one of the UK’s top storytellers, Nick Hennessey. It’s a winning combination of close harmony singing, music and spoken word.

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Mambo Jambo

mambojamboTitle: Mambo Jambo
Location: Chinley Community Centre
Start Time: 20:00
Date: 28 February 2015
Tickets: Available from Chinley stores and SOLD OUT
Artist website:

This friendly and exceptionally versatile duo will take you on an exciting and joyous musical journey mixing sounds and styles from around the world.

Featuring infectious music from Cuba, New Orleans, Brazil, Eastern Europe, as well as bluegrass, boogie and their own compositions. With Frankie Banham on sax, vocals, clarinet, flute, guitar and percussion and Pete Jack on guitar, vocal, ukulele, tres (traditional Cuban guitar) occasional accordion and suitcase!

To describe their music as ‘feel-good’ is an understatement.

Photos and a video from the show:

An Evening with Gordon Giltrap

giltrapLocation: Chinley WI
Start Time: 20:00 (Doors 19:30)
Date: 1 November 2014
Tickets: At Chinley stores and Online at SOLD OUT
Artist website:

Gordon Giltrap is not only a technically amazing guitarist, but his chatty, audience-friendly presentation will appeal to people of all tastes (not just the guitar fans!).

His musical background is amazing. He secured his first recording contract at 18 and shot to fame with the hit single ‘Heartsong’, used for many years as the theme for the BBC’s ‘Holiday’ programme. He also wrote the theme tune for ITV’s ‘Wish You Were Here’.

He’s recorded over 25 albums in a 40+ year career, working with famous names such as Sir Cliff Richard, Rick Wakeman, Midge Ure and Brian May. Only Eric Clapton pipped him to the post in Guitar magazine’s 10th anniversary readers’ poll.

His skill on the guitar is accompanied by a quiet chatty style, dry wit and plenty of anecdotes about life on tour, both as a jobbing performer and in his work with the big names.

His show features around six guitars and the music is uplifting, tuneful and goes from personal pieces about his childhood to his stunning solo piece ‘Dodo’s Dream’ where he samples his own performance live on stage, making it sound as though there’s an entire orchestra of guitars playing. During the second half of the show Gordon plays requests from a book he leaves out during the interval.

Some pictures from the show:

Kel Elliot

Kel Elliott
Kel Elliott

Location: Chinley WI
Date: 10 May 2014
Tickets: & Chinley Stores
Start Time: doors 19:00, show 19:30

Front woman Kel not only plays double bass but has a rich velvety voice, like Alison Moyet bathed in chocolate. She’s backed by a tight band of piano, percussion and rhythm and they perform fresh, bouncy music of mainly self-penned songs with catchy melodies and infectious grooves. Kel’s songs are an intoxicating mix of humour, irony and a touch of mischief.

The Rheingans Sisters

The Rheingans Sisters
The Rheingans Sisters

Location: Chinley Community Centre
Date: 12 April 2014
Start Time: Doors 19:30, show 20:00

The magical Rheingans sisters explore traditional and contemporary folk music from across Scandinavia, Britain and America. There is strong emphasis on two fiddles and two voices with banjo, cello, bansitar and concertina too. Their debut album ‘Glad Gold Hearts‘ was released on Rootbeat Records in early 2013, and immediately received Radio 2 Folk Show airplay.

“The best music is played in the moment, when the musicians are leaning into each other and outside of themselves. Anna and Rowan’s wonderful recording captures that feeling, makes you want to be right there in the room with them.Great choice of tunes that just flow from one to the next, all beautifully played. This is a lovely, evocative piece of work” – Bruce Molsky

Some photos from the gig:

Rheingans sisters

Rheingans sistersRheingans sisters

Marit and Rona

Marit and Rona
Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie explore the rarely probed similarities between Scandinavian and Scottish Highland tunes – colouring them with songs from both traditions.

Location: Chinley Community Centre
Tickets: SOLD OUT
Date: 15 March 2014
Start Time: Doors 19:30, show 20:00

Their music is playful, borderless and thrilling. It glides from evocative near-classical movements through elegant polskas to buoyant reels, brought to life by Rona’s multi-personality fiddle virtuosity and Marit’s breathtaking mastery of the versatile låtmandola. Marit and Rona won the coveted Danny Kyle Award at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections Festival 2012, and Rona was named BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

“The way that the Gaelic and Norwegian and Swedish languages are sung is very similar, and the melodies of the languages are similar as well. But we’re also exploring the differences in the music – in the tempos, time signatures and even the tone of the instruments.” – Rona

Lady Maisery

Lady Maisery
Lady Maisery explore vocal harmony to breathtaking effect, through their fresh interpretations of songs and ballads.

Location: Chinley WI
Start Time: doors 19:30, show 20:00
Date: 28 February 2014

The trio burst onto the scene with the release of the debut album, ‘Weave and Spin’ in summer 2011, which received much critical acclaim and was declared an ‘Album of the Week’ by The Independent. Their live performances during the festival season created a real buzz and they were nominated for the Horizon Award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012 and for Best Debut at the 2012 Spiral Awards. Whether singing unaccompanied, or with backing from their combined instrumental talents on accordion, harp and fiddle, be prepared to be enchanted by rich harmonies and sumptuous clashes.

Bella Hardy

Location: Chinley WI
Date: 17 December 2013
Start Time: Doors 19:30, please make sure you are seated by 20:00

Sold out!

No tickets left in the shop, no tickets on the door.

Here are some photos from the show:

Bella Hardy gig 2013 Bella Hardy gig 2013 Bella Hardy gig 2013

Buffalo Gals

Location: Chinley WI
Date: 29 November 2013
Start Time: Doors 19:00, please make sure you are seated by 19:30

Sold out!


A Song of Two Bridges – poetry, song-lyrics, and music

Location: Chinley Community Centre
Date: 19 September 2013 Cancelled, sorry
Time: 19:00


We are sorry to say that this event has been cancelled due to Ashley’s ill-health.

Refunds will be available, on production of the tickets, from Chinley Stores, from Tues 17th September. Alternatively, please send the tickets to Chris with your name and address, and a cheque will be sent to you.

You can also drop by Chinley Community Centre at 7pm on THurs 19th Sept, where a cash refund will be available on production of the tickets.